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The activities of Les Entreprises PINTAR inc. are divided into the three sectors of the construction y :

Residential painting and decorating :
Working with today's demanding clientele, Les Entreprises PINTAR inc. offers services with the guarantee of a job well-done. We are cognizant of the demands of our clients' time, whether it be work or personal engagements, Les Entreprises PINTAR will work with our clients to facilitate the timing of projects. All our professionals pay special attention to the little details and the protection of the clients' property. Les Entreprises PINTAR inc. also offers a decorating service.
Commercial and institutional :
In today’s world, the construction industry has high expectations towards the specialized entrepreneurs. It requires great flexibility of its human resources, an adaptation to quick schedule changes and good coordination within the different trades in order avoid incidents and deliver each project on time and budget
L'industriel :
The reality of today's construction industry requires specialized entrepreneurs with a flexibilte human resources department, the capacity to adapt to change and a coordinated approach for all areas of project management all while maintaining the budgetary and time expectations of the client. Pour ce faire, Les Entreprises PINTAR inc. utilise l’ 4P :
  • Planification
  • Préparation
  • Protection
  • Professionnalisme

By experience, it is important for successful project to execute each steps repecting the code of conduct. For its commercial customers, we offer a full range of building painting services (brush, roller and gun), soft lumber finishing, pressure washing, external wood restoration and sand blast.

The understanding of client requirements and close work with the engineers and project manager are also very important for successful project for Les Entreprises Pintat INC.

We are specialized in the epoxy application with polymer base without toxic vapors, standard epoxy finishing for floors and steel structure and in the industrial preparation such as pressure wash, surface degreasing, sand blast, floor stripping using steel marbles .

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